Cam fairleads are ideal for controls on modern boats where crew move from cockpit, to trapeze, to weather rail.

Cam Fairleads


Racing crews know weight placement is crucial to good boat speed, so they are constantly moving to keep the boat in perfect balance.

One problem this cause is that they are not always in an ideal position to adjust control lines, particularly to re-engage line into the cam cleats from an oblique angle. The traditional solution has been to use cams on swivel bases which will face the crew in any position, but for minor controls swivel bases are heavy and expensive.

Cam fairleads can be an excellent solution. There are two types Extreme Angle, Fast Release and Wire fairleads for each of the three types of Cam-Matics we make. These accessories are specifically designed to allow lines to be released and engaged, even when the pull is at a severe angle to the cam. All fairleads feature a tough fiber-reinforced plastic body that is low friction and chafe resistant. The carefully designed entry shape encourages lines to enter the cam with only a slight downward force on the line and operates well at angles approaching 90 degrees. The polished stainless steel guide posts prevent line wear and are very low friction.

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