Class History

The Ensign was designed in 1962 by Carl Alberg as a family daysailer and one-design racer. A development of a previous Alberg design called the Electra, this 6.7 m (22.5 ft) fiberglass sloop features a big, deep cockpit, generous displacement and 544 kg (1,200 lb)of internal lead ballast. Although you'll never see an Ensign planing around the buoys, an overlapping genoa and large spinnaker make this 'little big boat' a responsive tactical racer. From the beginning, Class officers have worked to keep the Ensign as close to the original design as possible, with equipment modifications kept to a minimum. As a result, these easy-to-handle boats have held their value and still win races, keeping the class vital and strong. ensign-sailplan.gif

Boat Specifications

LOA: 22 ft 6 in (6.8 m)
LWL: 16 ft 9 in (5 m)
Beam: 7 ft (2.1 m)
Hull Weight: 3,000 lb (1360.5 kg)
Sail Area 255 sq. ft (23.6 sq. m)



Ensign mainsheet. vang, cunningham57 mm Carbo Fiddle w/Becket - 262257 mm Carbo Fiddle - 262129 mm Fixed Carbo - 34829 mm Pivot Exit Block w/Cam - 396MKIV Unit 0 Jib Reefing & FurlingSmall Boat Jib Lead Slider - 2750Small Boat CB Low Beam w/Pinstop Holes - 2751.1.5m40 mm Pivoting Exit Block w/150 Cam - 215640 mm Carbo - 26361.5 in Wire Block - 30429 mm Carbo Triple w/Cam, Becket - 347Aluminum Single-Speed Winch - B8A29 mm Carbo Triple w/Swivel - 344

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This 4:1 mainsheet system features two 57 mm Carbo fiddle blocks with high-load ball bearings for low-friction operation. A pivoting exit block mounted on the boom directly above the trimmer provides powerful two-handed sheeting.


The vang features a 6:1 cascade inside a 2:1 purchase for a 12:1 mechanical advantage. This system pivots, allowing crew to adjust tension on either tack.


The cunningham is a cascaded 4:1 system (2:1 inside a 2:1purchase). A pivoting exit block allows access to the cunningham control line from either side of the boat.

Ensign mainsheetBullet Exit Block w/Cam, Bracket - 19729 mm Carbo Cheek Block - 350Bullet In-Line Exit Block - 089Small Boat CB Travler Controls - 274040 mm Carbo w/Becket  - 2637Small Boat High Load CB Car w/Swivel Ears - 2754Small Boat  Trim Caps - 2722Small Boat Low Profile Track - 2720.1.5m

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Mainsheet Traveler

The stern-mounted traveler features 3:1 controls that lead forward under deck to a Cam-Matic® cleat for precise, fast trimming.

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